The S.Q.U.A.R.E minigame

S.Q.U.A.R.E aren't initials to anything. And also, have fun.

Version 2.0.8 [Alpha v3.8]

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Last Updated: 27/06/2018

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What? I didn't get that because I'm stupid. Try again.

What to pls do and what's this thing

Well this sonuvabitch is so stupid that it can't

  1. Distinguish punctuation signs: "," ";" ":" "?" "!" etc. from the actual command. I'll make sure to add punctuation insensitive features to it.
  2. Distinguish any more spaces than 1 between the words from the command. You can put as many spaces after the last word as you want, though.
  3. Distinguish actual insults FROM THE f&k^%^%ING JOKES

More about the S.Q.U.A.R.E

(dramatic professional sites presentasion $h!t ahead..)



The Square

It's actually S.Q.U.A.R.E but the font looks ugly as $h1t, like, look at this:

The S.Q.U.A.R.E

wthk man

The best square there ever was, or will ever be.

About me

,,My name is S.Q.U.A.R.E, I am a loyal... uh.. square... and I love when someone gives me commands. I am totally not mistreated and forced to change colours, nah nah nah.''

,,I also have a couple things to tell you...''

  • I love to be given commands(as you saw...)
  • I am kind of sensitive, so don't be a jerk to me, I have feelings too(or so I've been told)...
  • I am not another Siri.

Okay, all jokes aside,
What is up and new with this thing.

The x and y axis update ― Changes

  • Added an icon next to the title of the page so it looks... more like a page
  • Added a lobby, now when you go to this page, you won't come here, you'll go Here
  • Some issues have come up with the compatibility that have been fixed
  • Made page fully compatible with Internet Explorer 11, and prooobably IE9? I have not tested that yet. I will probably make it compatible with older versions in the future
  • Added up and down functionality
  • Added "What I'm working on" button, so you can see... oh nevermind, you're getting it.
  • Fixed div not going darker after being summoned
  • Fixed square staying in the same position when telling it to go left
  • Added "right" functionality, now when you summon the square and tell it to go right, it'll go right(along with left)
  • Added a list of commands
  • Made page public to (Love these guys)

Known issues

  • Spamming up, left, down, right, makes the square confuzzled and it wants to stay in the same place. In other words, don't do that, please
  • Lack of versatility in commands

To add

  • Commands to make it round itself
  • Commands to make it go 3D
  • Add more colours to make the div change into
  • Make colours not only go darker but brighter as well

What it can do