This is MWR's Lobby.

Here you will find everything that I made so far.

The S.Q.U.A.R.E Minigame

The S.Q.U.A.R.E minigame was my first project launched on Neocities.

It isn't a big project or whatever, I mean, I made it for fun, it's not like I was trying to build something amazing. From there I started to build more projects and put them on my site. With more projects, I had to make another page which was the lobby, so people could choose what page to visit, and so, because of this "minigame", this lobby was born. The minigame is based on a huge switch statement, which makes the square do things. Go head there and do something with it.

My Personal Website

That is my personal website. In there you will find a summary about me, what I do, how I got into web development, what I wanted to do, and much more.

I wanted to enhance the design of it because... well... you see... it's my personal website. I can teach you how to do some of that stuff, what you have to do is to join my Discord Server. Anyway, back to the subject. This project was made mainly to train my skills... I didn't really mean to launch it. But here I am.