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About Me

Since you're here, let me tell you a couple of things about me:

I'm new to the web development world

I have first started learning how to code in HTML&CSS and JavaScript last year in May. A good friend told me about this stuff. I wasn't interested in programming at that point in time. My plan was to become a video editor or some kind, but then, after he presented me what's this thing with web development about, I started to become curious. "This seems interesting", I said. And so, one day, with the help of Codeacademy, I succeded in launching my long road of learning web development. And here I am today. Learning as I create.

I love to make new friends on the internet

I mainly hang on the now well-known Discord platform. Because the developers are lit, the app is lit, and the people in it are lit(well... most of them). There I made some really good friends, lived some happy moments(and I still do), and much more... For those asking whether I have a Discord Server or not - yes I do! It's brand new, and you're welcome to join: INVITE. You can always hit me up on Discord, my tag is MWR#2200.

I don't know what else to say, so...


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This is how good I am at:


got gud


almost got gud


pff, bruh

UX Design


The difference between the programming languages' level of complexity translates to this graphic.

HTML is an easy language. It's not even a programming language, but a markup one.

The amount of time given to this language is not as vast as the other ones. It's easy to manuever HTML's tools in order to create the page structure. Given its lack of complexity and simple syntax, it has a lot of elements and properties in its integrity.

CSS with its syntax beauty, hides amazing power behind its curtains.

CSS is on a whole another level, yet it still depends on HTML, and vice versa. Syntax is pretty straight forward, as it doesn't put the beginner in too much of a difficulty. When you start to get deeper in its power, when you start to create bigger, more complex projects, CSS can be problematic. It has a few tricks, bugs, and the worst of all, compatibility for some of its properties across browsers leaves to be desired.

JavaScript... the mechanism, the machine which makes everything move, has to be treated with sincerity, or else...

Well well well, JavaScript is one problematic language. It's not the syntax that's hard, hell, it's not even a hard language, but the Math needed and thinking required to make your page behave like you want. It is a BIG language, has LOTS of power, which needs to be manuevered with care, or else it might turn against you.


Congratulations, you've reached.... the bottom of the page.
Here's some important things, or whatever:


You may use parts of my code in your projects, but only if you credit me. Otherwise, consequences shall be taken.

This is not meant to be a professional website, I won't be accepting any sort of business offers.